What to Consider when Purchasing an Electric Smoker?

Positioned within the beautiful environments of the Columbia River Canyon-- simply near Cascade Locks, OR is the head office for Smokehouse Products, makers of The Huge Chief, Little Chief, and Mini Chief Electric Smokers.

Going back to 1968, fans of the electric smokers built by Smokehouse Products who introduced the first Electric Smoker with the Little Chief design. These little people are icons of Americana for sure, and I'm delighted they have done little to alter the feel and look of their Smoke Chief models.

Among the things lots of owners of either the box-style smokers in this line have to say is that they are excellent for fish, jerky, or sausages, which can be prepared through and securely at relatively low temperatures. However, larger meats like ribs, tri-tip, or pork butts might best be rounded off in a cooker or maybe even in the oven.

Just recently, Smokehouse Products presented the Smoke Chief cold smoker generator created to convert any grill you may already own into a smoker. The principle is similar to one I laid out in the post I composed on the Pellet Pro and theirs Magnum P.I.G. cold smoke generator accessory.

Remember that cold smoking food is not cooking. Temperature levels remain between 68 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit. As such, beware of food smoking meat or fish at this temperature level. Cheese is something you can cold smoke at low temperatures with restricted to no danger. Repeatedly, these models also do well for fish, too.

Exactly what's nice about the Smoke Chief cold smoke generator is that it gives you a simple cold smoking foods option for some types of grills. I own a Char-broil gas grill that this would work well on, and I believe it would do perfectly on a Weber gas or even charcoal grill, too.

Char-Broil Vertical Electric Smoker.

All reports I have read from consumers who own Char-Broil electric smokers are typically extremely favorable. Individuals like the flexibility provided by the Huge Easy designs and the ease of usage discovered in the current Char-Broil digital electric smokers. Any of the Char-Broil electric smokers provides for using wood chips. I've read where individuals have used wood pellets instead, and sometimes, Bar-B-Cubes minis-- which I am personally an enormous fan of.

The Char-Broil perpendicular best electric smoker receives good reviews from a lot of users. Reports of well-prepared smoked fish and meats are standard-- so you need to expect satisfactory outcomes with this type.

Two of the most frequent complaints I see regarding this smoker are about its utility of magnetic pieces to hold the door shut (which do not do the very best job) and the lack of manage to quickly pull open the chip smoker box.

Each of these issues is treated quickly by adding DIY bought locks and leads from your area hardware store. That stated these might be things Char-Broil may wish to remedy with their next iteration of this design.